Day 2 Catalogue

Saturday, July 31st &
Sunday, August 1
st, 2004
Viewing 8:30 am Main Sale 10:00 am
90 Lots of Hooked Mats and Quilts 9:30 am
Chester Arena, Pigs loop Road, Chester, Nova Scotia, Canada
Office phone number: 902-860-0111

Updated July 27, 2004
See Day 2 Photo Addendum added July 27, 2004


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LOT No. Description
400 A Nova Scotia one drawer stand, peg construction, dovetailed drawers, c.1840
401 A ship in a bottle, c.1920, the square rigger in the foreground and a town scene in the background, 12" long
402 A Victorian parlour table with turtle top and leaf-carved cabriole legs.   43" long, 29 1/2" wide, 28 1/2" high
403 A Hicks wall rack in original paint, 21" high
404 A Newfoundland hooked mat with interior scene, by Debbie Saunders, Boat Harbour West
405 A black painted Halifax Windsor chair, stamped "Warranted Halifax", with remnants of a paper label for William Vinecoure
406 "Sailing Ship, Bay of Fundy" by James Bayer, signed, dated '96, oil on canvas, 12" x 18"
407 A wooden whimsy of a crucifix in a whisky bottle
408 A wooden whimsy of a crucifix in a whisky bottle
409 A U.S. Navy BU. NAV. Mark II sextant by David White
410 A four drawer bow front chest with turreted corners and rope-turned legs
411 An Alice Hagen red ware pitcher   in cobalt blue decorated with a band of chickens, cats and ducks
412 A set of intercolonial railway playing cards with Atlantic Canada scenes, and a set of playing cards with Canadian scenes
413 A whimsy of an octant in a liniment bottle, c.1910
414 A miniature powder horn dated October 23, 1894, carved with American flag and ship, etc.   5 1/2"
415 A late 18th, or early 19th century, table top desk with fitted interior
416 A sampler by Barbara Morton, aged 9 years, dated 1805
417 A pair of Inuit carved whale bone dolphins
418 An English tea caddy box in rosewood, c.1840
419 "The Fisherman" by William De Garthe, signed, oil on board, 7" x 9"
420 "Evening Shadows Playing" by Kukiiyaut/Tullik an Inuit soapstone print 2/50   25x30
421 "New Birds" by Pitslolak, Dorset 1977, stonecut and stencil #18/50, 24" x 32"
422 Two Inuit carved ivory kayaks, 7" and 8" long
423 A pair of Masonic wall shelves, c.1910
424 A spruce gum box in the form of a book, 5 1/2" long, 1 3/4" high
425 A one drawer bird's eye and tiger maple stand PHOTO
426 An early 19th century print of a woman and child in a bird's eye maple frame
427 A pair of Masonic wall shelves, c.1890
428 A pair of oriental watercolours on rice paper.   Chinese, c.1834
429 "On the Straights of Lumbi" by E. Locke?, signed, titled on back, oil on canvas, 15" x 20"
430 A Nova Scotia pine cupboard, c.1830.   28 1/2" long, 15" deep, 28" high PHOTO
431 A folk art carving of an angel
432 A set of Mickey Mouse Christmas lights by Noma, c.1950, complete, in original box
433 A fiddle pattern silver plate ladle engraved "Cunard" on the finial, c.1890
434 "Two Schooners on an Open Sea", signed J.J. Henderson, oil on canvas, 12" x 18"
435 A 19th century Cape Breton, primitive two drawer cupboard with old beige paint hiding the original blue paint.   15" deep, 40" wide, 34" high PHOTO
436 "The Louise", an early steam ship flying a British ensign, watercolour, 15" x 24" PHOTO
437 A Swiss mountaineering cane, d.1899
438 A silver plate cake basket, English, c.1860
439 "Hauling Logs, Winter", by Fred Nicholas, watercolour on paper, 8 1/2" x 10"
440 A Classical style Edwardian tete a tete sofa with carved legs and frame, 48" wide x 33 1/2" high
441 "St. Tropez, Port de Pecheurs" by Gilletta Cambrand, watercolour, 10" x 16"
442 A pair of white and ruby cased glass balustered vases with gilt decoration, c.1860.   16" high PHOTO
443 A Masonic Temple sign for Lodge 849, Hereford
444 A Grenfell Mission textile depicting the map of Newfoundland with whale and north wind, 15" x 12 1/2" PHOTO
445 A diorama of a sailing sloop, purported to be on the La Have River, 16" x 20"
446 "Tepees by a Lake" by Chandler, signed, pastel on paper, 11 1/2" x 23 1/2"
447 A folk art pipe rack of a ship titled "White Star Line, MV Britannic"
448 A cased glass peg lamp, c.1880.   5"
449 A ship diorama, c.1943, by a German prisoner in an Alberta prisoner of war camp
450 A Sibley rocker
451 A firkin in old blue paint PHOTO
452 "Wolf Howling at the Moon", a Grenfell mat, 14 1/4" x 10 1/4", early Grenfell, Labrador Industries label PHOTO
453 Alien head, a carved folk art burl by Ray Swinamer.   Mr. Swinamer, who was a prisoner of war during WW II, began carvng canes while a P.O.W.   Mr. Swinamer, who continued carving canes during his life, signed all of his work with his P.O.W number 93610.   This burl was in his possession for approx. 40 years before he carved it.
454 "Public Gardens, Halifax" by John Cook, signed, watercolour on paper, 10 1/2" x 14 1/4"
455 "Robins and Butterflies", oil on panel, in a blue-painted tramp art frame
456 "Orion No. 58", an IOF sign painted on sailcloth, 29" x 29"
457 A Lunenburg County documents box
458 A 19th century Lunenburg County documents box as a miniature blanket box
459 A 19th century Lunenburg county documents box
460 A William Morris oak Arts & Crafts rocking chair
461 "P.E.I. Lake scene", by Fred Nicholas, watercolour on paper, 10 1/2" x 7"
462 A folk art carving of a crow
463 A folk art diorama by Emberley
464 A Victorian opalescent cranberry glass hanging lamp, complete with brass mounts
465 A pine china cabinet/chest from Newfoundland
466 A folk art diorama of a schooner by Emberley, 38" x 26"
467 A Silver & Company, New York, Patent date May 11, 1886, combined sifter and glass measuring cup.   7 1/2" high
468 A lady's cameo set in a 10kt gold frame
469 "A Mountain Landscape" by Adalbert Schubert, oil on board, 12" x 15"
470 An oak Arts & Crafts sideboard, the gallery centered with a clock, the pendulum visible through a leaded glass door. According to the owner, the clock works are by Pequegnaut
471 A Nova Scotia one drawer stand, c.1840 PHOTO
472 A Nova Scotia spoon basket with stylized heart cutout in handle
473 A folk art diorama of a schooner in a nautical motif frame, 42 1/2" wide, 26" high
474 Portrait of a gentleman by Frederick Eugene Young, dated 1885, 14" x 17"
475 An oak haberdasher's ribbon display cabinet with glazed fall-front doors and centre sliding doors, c.1900.   Made by A.N. Russell & Sons, Lilion, New York.   38" high, 25 1/2" wide
476 "Many's a Day We Spent on the Foam... Now with Jumbo Set, We're Heading for Home!", signed David P. Stephens '89, oil on board in original folk art decorated frame
477 A 19th century Chinese vase with flared lip.   9"
478 A 19th century Imari bowl
479f An early tramp art box, 12" wide, 7" deep, 6 1/2" high PHOTO
480 An oak frame haberdasher's cabinet with glazed spool drawers and eight drawers for sewing notions, c.1900, 34 1/2" high, 35" wide
481 "Winter, Sackville R" by Rosalie Bishop, signed, dated Dec. 1960 verso, oil on board.   10" x 12"
482 A chrome jet plane form lighter on stand, with removable cockpit lighter
483 A document or map box, c.1880, the inside cover titled "G. L. MacDonald" in gilt flanked by thistles
484 "The Swamp" by Rosalie Bishop, signed, dated 1964 verso, oil on board, 9" x 12"
485 A Chippendale style mahogany highboy with swan's neck pediment, c.1920
486 "Schooner Linda" by M. C. Daniels, signed, oil on canvas, 29 1/2" x 39 1/2"
487 An early tramp art box, 12" wide, 7" deep, 6 1/2" high PHOTO
488 A ship in a bottle, the five masted vessel being towed by a tug
489 A Lunenburg county sea chest with original paint, the   sides with compass rose and star motif
490 An oak sectional barrister's file cabinet, c.1900 PHOTO
491 Five late 19th/early 20th century   watercolours, one titled "North Shore, NB".   Condition excellent
492 A ship in a bottle, the three masted ship with a dreadnought hull, c.1890
493 A fine ship in a bottle, the four masted ship passing a lighthouse with light keeper's residence, the stand with title "Olive"
494 A Nova Scotia one drawer stand with turned legs, c.1840
495 A Nova Scotia two drawer dropleaf stand with spool legs
496 "Flying Cloud", a ship's painting by H. G. Small, 25" x 39"
497 An International Business Machines time clock in case, 43 1/2" high PHOTO
498 A French Empire brass work clock in brass case, c.1840.   Lacking pendulum.   Not working
499 "Inlet, Digby", by Fred Nicholas, watercolour on paper, 10 3/4" x 9"
500 A leather club sofa with close nailed arms
501 "Portrait of a Schooner" by H. G. Small, 25" x 39"
502 A Donaldson Line silver plate entrée dish, Elkington Plate, Elkington & Company, c.1890.   10 1/2" long
503 A Lunenburg County geometric block hooked mat, 61" x 30"
504 A Nova Scotia rose and leaf pattern hooked mat, 76" x 35"
505 A Nova Scotia Art Deco pattern hooked mat, 59" x 32"
505a A good Nova Scotia spruce gum box, in book-form, with triangular motif border and inscribed "Gum Book, Mar. 4, 1899" PHOTO
505b A decorated open box, the decoration in early paint, c.1860
505c A 19th century pine corner cupboard, refinished PHOTO
505d A firkin in old paint
506 "Country Blacksmith Shop", a pen & ink drawing by Yarmouth folk artist Harold Cromwell, signed, in a folk art-decorated frame. 13" x 18".
507 A pair of sterling silver, bright cut sugar tongs, Scotland, c.1790
508 A 19th century Imari bowl
509 "Smelt Fishing", a pen & ink drawing by Yarmouth folk artist Harold Cromwell, signed, in a folk-art decorated frame, 12" x 15"
510 A country tea table, c.1840
511 "Halifax From McNab's Island", a late 19th century print, Hullmandel and Walton.   Needs restoration
512 A miniature Lunenburg blanket box (with the callng card of Graham W. Dennis)
513 A large, antique, Union Jack flag
514 A Degant, Halifax Windsor armchair, white paint over original brown, branded "Degant War - Hal" PHOTO
514a An E. Hefferan Windsor armchair in mustard paint, branded "E. Hefferan" PHOTO
515 A masonic temple entrance, the façade supported by two balustered pillars.   96" high, 87" wide
516 A parlour table with splayed, reeded legs and large glass ball feet mounted with brass talons, the talons depicting the north wind, c.1910
517 A carved ivory, wood & baleen sailor work cane, 1870
518 A 19th century Imari plate
519 "Flower" by Joseph Sleep, pencil on rag paper, label on back, 17 1/2" x 11 1/2"
520 A secretary bookcase, the bookcase doors with leaded glass windows, c.1920
521 A surveyor's compass, stand and case, c.1880. It is said that this compass was used to survey the road between Liverpool and Annapolis
522 A brass and ebony sextant by E & G.W. Blunt, New York, in mahogany case, with a label for Riggs & Brother, Philadelphia. 19th century.   Missing one peg from frame PHOTO
523 A diorama of a sailboat
524 "Spring Melt" by Fred Nicholas, watercolour on paper, 8 1/2" x 11"
525 An Arts & Crafts grandfather clock, the brass works in an oak long case PHOTO
526 A polar bear rug, mounted by Ken Hawkins, taxidermist, Winnipeg, c.1920
527 A cylindrical form Japanese brush pot. 10 3/4"
528 A large Aubusson style carpet
529 "Schooners at Rest", signed C.E. Dolbes, dated 1927, oil on canvas, 20" x 24"
530 A country tea table with octagonal top, c.1840
531 "Fishing Boats at a Shipping Wharf", signed Diletta '41, oil on canvas, 24" x 27"
532 A good schooner half hull with deck appointments, c.1890, 35 1/2" long
533 A classic Arts & Crafts design wood box in beaten copper
534 "A Winter Landscape" by Graham Norwell, watercolour on paper, signed, 6" x 8 1/2"
535 A two drawer stand on turned legs, c.1840.   Refinished top
536 "Ariceen - John Churchill Master", a 19th century ship's watercolour, heightened with body colour, 15 3/4" x 24 1/4"
537 A Nova Scotia wall salt box - 41" high PHOTO
538 A Nova Scotia wall salt box - 29 1/2 " high PHOTO
539 A mahogany octagonal topped table on spider base
540 An oak Arts & Crafts metamorphic desk which opens into a bed
541 "Tepee by a Lake" by Chandler, unsigned, pastel on paper, 19 1/2" x 9 1/2"
542 A brass works wall clock in Tunbridge ware style case
543 A gilt brass robin on a basket, c.1890
544 A portrait of a Victorian gentleman, a watercolour by William Buckler, signed, dated 1847, 12 1/2" x 17 1/2"
545 A Georgian mahogany side chair, c.1800
546 "The Paulette Doreen", a folk art painting of a fishing trawler, signed H. Avery.   16" x 19"
547 A priest's vestment made by Gaud, c.1900, in a monastery in northern Italy
548 A shamrock top table with figural glass ball and claw feet
549 "Gray Dawn" by W. R. MacAskill, signed, black & white photo.   10 1/2" x 13 1/2".   See back for label indicating the salons at which the original print was accepted and hung, including The Wimbledon Camera Club, awarded certificate of merit; Ateneo Obrero de Gijon, Spain (Diploma de Premeo); III Salon International Zaragozk, Spain (Medallade Ore); Budapest (Silver Medal); VII Salon International, Madrid (Royal Medal)
549a "Wentworth Valley" by W. R. MacAskill, signed, hand coloured photo
550 A Nova Scotia carved primitive table with shell and starburst decoration
551 "Schooner Delawana, Winner of Fisherman's Race, Halifax Oct 11 - 1920" by Wallace R. MacAskill, black and white photograph, 10 1/2" x 13 1/2", blind stamp of the Commercial Photo Service, Halifax lower right
552 A Mahal rug, the centre medallion on a blue and ivory field filled with flowers and surrounded by a floral border, 52" x 77"
553 A small carved skiff
554 A black & white photo of the launching of the Bluenose, 8" x 13"
554a A book "Story of the Bluenose", signed by Angus J. Walters, Aug. 07/36; and another "Bluenose", signed by Angus J. Walters - Master
555 Four over-painted Windsor chairs, one signed C.P.Allen, Halifax, another branded J. G. Beck, Warranted PHOTO
556 "Old Windjammer" by W. R. MacAskill, black & white photo, c.1920, 11" x 14"
557 "Light and Shadow", a black & white photo by W. R. MacAskill, 11 1/2" x 9 1/2"
558 "Toilers of the Sea", a hand tinted photograph by W. R. MacAskill, 10" x 13"
559 "A Hail to Windward", a black & white photo by W. R. MacAskill, 13 1/4" x 10 1/2".   Notes regarding this photograph:   On the backboard of this photograph is Angus J. Walters signature and the date February 25th, 1967, along with notations identifying some of the men in the photograph and the owner of the windward boat, the Margaret K. Smith.   The backing of the photograph features four exhibition labels for the Western Union Camera Club, NYC; the Tripod Club Salon, Brooklyn; the Miniature Camera Club of New York; and the Brooklyn Institute of Arts and Sciences, Department of Photography. PHOTO
560 A Nova Scotia tavern table, pegged construction.   As found condition PHOTO
561 "The Forest Glen, 1875" by Otto Reinhold Jacobi, PRCA, OSA (1812-1901), watercolour, 6 1/4" x 4 7/8"
562 A fine west coast basket, Haida, c.1900
563 A fine west coast lidded basket, Haida, c.1900
564 "Gray Dawn" by W. R. MacAskill, signed, black & white photo.   7 1/4" x 9 1/4".   See back for label indicating the salons at which the original print was accepted and hung, including The Wimbledon Camera Club, awarded certificate of merit; Ateneo Obrero de Gijon, Spain (Diploma de Premeo); III Salon International Zaragozk, Spain (Medallade Ore); Budapest (Silver Medal); VII Salon International, Madrid (Royal Medal)
565 A country table on tripod base with fifteen-sided top, c.1890
566 "A Smoky Sou'wester", a black & white photo by W. R. MacAskill with exhibition label.   Identified as Peggy's Point Lighthouse, Halifax
567 "My Ship of Dreams", a coloured photo by W. R. MacAskill, signed.   Reference on back to a wedding gift given December 20th, 1930
568 A semi antique kelim rug, 6'10" x 5' 3"
569 An oak framed poster "Adele", copyright 1908 by the B. F.Goodrich Company, Akron, Ohio.   Probably a promotional item
570 A late 18th century overpainted side chair with planked seat
571 A cloisonne plate, c.1900. 12" diam.
572 A Northwood glass oil lamp with opalescent coin dot base and matching shade, the base with four blue glass feet PHOTO
573 A green painted trapper's carrying basket complete with leather halter straps, c.1910
574 A Grenfell Mission mat depicting a duck in flight, 16" diam.   Colours unfaded.   Excellent condition PHOTO
575 A set of six stencilled, pillow back chairs with caned seats
576 A Grenfell Mission mat depicting icebergs and seagulls in flight, 16 1/2" diam.   Colour unfaded PHOTO
577 A hollow hull model of a schooner, the name Bluenose added at a later date
578 A circular hooked mat, starburst pattern, possibly Grenfell, 36" diam.
579 A Newfoundland hooked mat, diamond pattern, 30" x 55"
580 A Nova Scotia parlour table with turned, balustered column and scrolled feet, c.1850
581 A Kurdish hand knotted saddle bag
582 A Bennington ware jug, c.1830.   10"
583 A mahogany pond boat with diamond trim and blue sails, c.1940
584 A Spode, Copeland's china demi tasse with gilt Royal Naval crest
585 A Nova Scotia mahogany Pembroke table with ring turned legs and shaped feet, c.1840
586 A primitive spoon box with carrying handle and decorative bosses, in original paint
587 A diorama of a sailing ship with lighthouse on the shore, 16" wide, 13" high PHOTO
588 A pressed glass oil lamp base, Gothic pattern.   8 1/2" high
589 A Mamiya RB67 Professional S camera with a Mamiya - Sekor 90mm lens and a Mamiya - Sekor F180mm lens along with a Vivitar 285 HV flash; in a Hakuba metal carrying case
589a A Horseman 985 multiformat camera with a Professional Horseman 75mm lens, a Horseman 180mm lens and a Horseman 105mm lens; in a metal carrying case
589b A Rolleiflex SL35 E camera with a Rollei planar 50mm lens, a Rolleinar 28mm lens, a Zoom - Rolleinar 80-200mm lens, a Rolleinar 14mm convex lens and a Rollei flash; in a custom canvas carrying bag
590 A three drawer over three drawer chest, c.1830
591 "Views of Nova Scotia:   View of North Entrance of Petit Passage", a hand coloured engraving, c.1780, by J. F. W. DesBarres, 9" x 20"
591a "View of the North Entrance of Grand Passage",a hand coloured engraving, c.1780, by J. F. W. DesBarres, 7 1/2" x 36"
591b "Views of Nova Scotia:   Isle Haut and Cape Chegnecto", a hand coloured engraving, c.1780, by J. F. W. DesBarres, 10" x 17"
592 A rosewood belaying pin, late 19th century. 13" long
593 A diorama of three ships in a harbour, 21 1/2" wide, 12 1/2" high PHOTO
594 A mission oak clock case with brass works movement from the Shopcrafters Shop, Cincinnati.   Some restoration required PHOTO
595 A Nova Scotia Pembroke table with drawer, ring turned, tapered legs on brass casters, c.1830.   26" long, 56" wide, 29" high
596 "The Fence Jumper", initialled R.C., watercolour on paper, 8" x 12"
597 A large ship's hull model
598 A Nova Scotia hollow hull ship's model on stand, c.1900 PHOTO
599 A woolwork picture of the crest of Nova Scotia Overseas Battalion, c.1918
600 A four drawer chest with rope turned columns and two drawer gallery, c.1840
601 A set of four mahogany Georgian chairs, one armchair and three side chairs
602 A good late 18th/early 19th century powder horn decorated with swags and drapes and the remnants of a ship.   12 1/2" long
603 "The Imperial Number Two" double barrel shotgun, c.1900, with Monaco stock, the sides engraved "Hudson's Bay Company".   Note:   These guns were given to managers of the Hudson's Bay Company who purchased the stores at the turn of the century
604 A W. W. Greener double-barrel English patent shotgun
605 A set of four mahogany Victorian balloon back chairs
606 "The Royal Warwick Regiment", a 19th century woolwork picture
607 A pair of brass bound mahogany stirrups mounted with a royal shield showing cannons, colours, etc., c.1840
608 A miniature, tiger maple, dovetailed blanket chest with straight bracket feet
609 A woolwork picture titled "Gibraltar Present, Great War of the World 1914-1918", 16" x 19"
610 "Sleigh Approaching Church" by Maud Lewis, on green beaver board, 11 1/2" x 9" PHOTO
611 "Covered Bridge in Winter" by Maud Lewis, on green   beaver board, 12 1/2" x 9 1/2". PHOTO
612 "Maple Syrup Gathering" by Maud Lewis, on green beaver board, 12 1/2" x 9 1/2". PHOTO
613 "Oxen in Summer" by Maud Lewis, on green beaver board, 12" x 11" PHOTO
614 "Boats in Harbour" by Maud Lewis, on green beaver board, 11 3/4" x 9" PHOTO
614a "White Kitten and Butterfly" by Maud Lewis, on green beaver board PHOTO
614b "Oxen with Sleigh, Digby Gut" by Maud Lewis, on green beaver board PHOTO
614c "Ducks in Flight" by J. Hodge, c.1920, a three-dimensional folk art rendering of three carved ducks in flight on a painted background of marshland PHOTO
614d A pair of Nova Scotia folk art carved birds on a stand, c.1930 PHOTO
614e A good Nova Scotia butter bowl, c.1830 PHOTO
614f A painted document box, c.1840
614g A Maud Lewis painted cookie tin around 1950 possibly late 1940's. Unsigned
with good provenance. The tray has a series of finger prints on back of tin
when it was painted back. 10"x13 1/2" PHOTO
614h A Maud Lewis - BridgePHOTO
614i A Maud Lewis - Log Hauling PHOTO
614j A Maud Lewis - Gathering Sap PHOTO
615 An early pine one drawer washstand with bow front top and gallery
616 A 19th century Japanese short sword with ray skin sheath.
617 A rosewood lap box complete with inkwell, c.1840
618 A Victorian cameo in gold frame, c.1860
619 "William of Orange at the Battle of the Boyne", a chromo litho print c.1890, 31" x 18"
620 A walnut turtle top table, the knees carved with fruit and leaves, possibly Alexander Keith, circa 1850
621 "Oxen" Everett Lewis, 12 1/2" x 14 3/4"
622 A folk art watercolour of a ferry, painted on paper for the day and on a feather for the night.
623 An old sperm whale tooth
624 "Christmas Scene", Everett Lewis, 12" x 12 1/2"
625 An 18th century mahogany tea table, probably reduced in size
626 A Japanese warlord's head dress, c.1890, on mahogany stand
627 A 19th century davenport desk, c.1880
628 A late 18th century stand, perhaps for scientific or display purposes, with brass mounts and hardware, 20" high
629 A reverse painting on glass "Sinking of the Lusitania, May 7, 1915", 23 1/2" x 17 1/2"
630 A reverse painting on glass "Sinking of the Titanic", 23 1/2" x 17 l/2"
631 A Nova Scotia painted washstand, c.1865 PHOTO
632 A Queen Anne style oak gateleg table
633 A 19th century bronze plaque. Probably French. PHOTO
634 A set of five bird's eye maple chairs, c.1820
635 A Victorian sofa with moire silk upholstery
636 An oil on canvas of a Newfoundland dog, c.1900
637 Box
638 A rose pattern hooked mat
639 A painting in oils by Frank Carson
640 A 4-drawer Nova Scotia chest in original finish PHOTO
641 "Yarmouth - 1829", a view looking north from the Farish homestead, Main Street opposite Cumberland Street, a signed watercolour by Dorothy Webster, 13" x 19".   Probably after a 19th century print
642 A view of the west side of Main Street, Yarmouth, including the Goudey house and the Tooker house, a signed watercolour by Dorothy Webster, 13" x 19".   Probably after a 19th century print
643 A pair of Arts & Crafts wrought iron andirons
644 A "Good Luck" Nova Scotia hooked mat, 31" x 61" PHOTO
645 A pine hanging cabinet
646 A small brass bound chest, c.1840
647 A 19th century inlaid hall table with trestle base, c.1850
648 "The Adair & Jack", a Nova Scotia schooner model on stand, c.1920 PHOTO
649 A Smith Astral wall clock
650 An oak Arts & Crafts table by Heals, London
651 "Kittens in an Artist's Studio", oil on canvas, in a gilt frame, c.1890
652 A folk art butterfly
653 Four tapestries with bucolic scenes, 12" x 16"
654 A Harris Chicago Firebox Number 14 fireplace surround
655 A country tea table with snake legs, pad feet, c.1840
656 A Goodwill & Lawson published print of William IV, 11" x 18"
657 An Art Deco aeroplane chrome smoker's stand, light working in aeroplane
658 An English watercolour maritime scene in gilded frame, 18" x 12"
659 A Nova Scotia two drawer stand, c.1840
660 A 19th century pine chair table with sleigh feet.   Top - 32" x 37",   28" high PHOTO
661 Still life of roses by L. E. Tarbox, signed, dated '00 (1900), oil on canvas, 10" x 18"
662 A game board in an oak frame, the board hand painted on silk, c.1880
663 A bronze bell with hanging frame, 12"
664 A 19th century sewing stand complete with basket
665 An early 19th century mammy's bench complete with protective rail
666 A New Haven steeple clock, c.1860
667 A Nova Scotia hooked mat in oriental design, 23" x 36"
668 An Art Deco figural lamp
669 A 19th century sampler by Pauline Huttner
670 Four Sibley Brothers side chairs, three with signed plank seats
671 A white wicker plant stand
672 A hanging lamp with Steuben aurene glass shades
673 A wall barometer
674 A one drawer stand in cherry wood, c.1860
675 A Nova Scotia pine washstand, the folk art back grain- painted with a floral motif
676 A fancy chair in original paint, c.1860
677 Three marine charts: "A General chart of the Southern Atlantic Ocean and Western Coast of South America" by W. Blachford, new edtion, 1849; together with two charts of Newfoundland
678 A 5-cent amusement machine with steam shovel, c.1935 PHOTO
679 A framed print "Halifax from the Eastern Battery" 1830
680 A Nova Scotia pine washstand
681 A late 19th century four drawer dresser with marble top, andcheval mirror, c.1880
682 A pair of 19th century carriage lamps
683 Four small shellwork souvenirs painted with various motifs
684 A good, late 19th century portrait photograph album
685 A tea table, c.1780.   Refinished
686 "The John B. Waterman", a ship's portrait painted on a conch shell, a souvenir of the Philippines
687 A conch shell painted with an aircraft carrier launching propeller-driven planes, c.1930
688 A conch shell painted with a WW II vintage battleship
689 A conch shell painted with two sailing vessels, c.1920
690 A wardrobe with a cupboard flanked by eight drawers and a small cupboard with double door, bird's eye maple covered linings, c.1900
691 An 18th century hand coloured plate titled "P.les de la Floride", a representation of two native Americans
692 An brass fire place fender, c.1860
693 An art pottery bowl, the rim decorated with dragonflies, signed Tami, 1939.   6" diam.
694 A pair of scent bottles with silver overlay, c.1900
695 A Nova Scotia one drawer stand, c.1840
696 A Nova Scotia butter bowl, 19th century.   19" diam.
697 A Mi'Kmaq 33" model canoe from the Whycocomagh area, c.1920
698 A gentleman's raccoon coat, c.1920.
699 A Lunenburg County goose decoy, c.1940
700 A late 19th century commode stand originally from the Edgehill School for Girls at Windsor, N.S.
701 Portrait of a Scottish lass, a chromolithograph, 15 1/2" x 22"
702 A Heidsieck & Co. Champagne, Monopole pocket watch with brass desk stand, the watch with domed back
703 A pair of late 19th/early 20th century brass carriage lamps with brass mounts.   18" high
704 A primitive tool chest in old blue paint
705 A two over two drawer bombe-form dresser with large bevelled glass mirror in shaped frame, c.1900
706 A finely carved wooden owl
707 A finely carved wooden loon
708 A finely carved wooden hawk
709 A finely carved wooden salmon
710 A rare and unusual, folding, stake goose decoy, c.1915
711 A 19th century coverlet signed AF 12
712 Two American coverlets, probably Pennsylvania, dated 1850
713 A W.M.A.S. Mission banner dated 1908 Digby, N.S.,with the Canadian Ensign and a U.S. Flag with 46 stars.   The banner on polished cotton with signatures of delegates and expressions of fervour and good will.   84" wide, 176" long
714 A pair of Inuit pencil drawings by Robert Mayokok
715 An Art Deco style, Indo-Asian room-size carpet
716 A brass lantern, c.1890
717 A crock
718 A crock
719 A Clarice Cliff Bizarre ware bowl.   9" diam., 4" high
720 A Boston rocker with a stencil-decorated back
721 A ship's wheel from a small boat, c.1910
722 A World War I vintage money belt mounted with uniform and hat badges from various regiments
723 A red ware milk pan, c.1840
724 A leather Art Deco travelling dressing case with fitted toiletry kit
725 A brass bound, dovetailed, mahogany chest with iron lock, c.1820
726 A 19th century Eastern, engraved brass priming flask.   9 1/2" long
727 An oriental, three-dimensional, reverse painting on glass, c.1920
728 An oriental incense bowl, the metal purported to be from an ancient temple bell
729 A late 18th century powder horn, probably American
730 A pine blanket chest
731 An 18th century flintlock musket, 59 1/2" long, (48" barrel) with a bird's eye maple stock and butt, the stock with carved scallop shell decoration, the side plate with possible armourer's mark, PML?, the barrel with initials W. G. C.   The musket with iron fittings and ramrod.
732 A 19th century cavalry sword in scabbard
733 An Ames 1835 artillery sword with brass feathered handle, the blade marked United States 1835. The reverse side marked with an Eagle and N.P. Ames, Springfield. The brass cast hilt is marked 19 with ORD., JM, and HKC inspector*s marks.   25" long.   The leather scabbard with brass fittings.     Eagle crested pommel
734 An Ames 1835 artillery sword with brass feathered handle, the blade marked United States 1835. The reverse side is marked with an Eagle and N.P. Ames, Springfield. The brass cast hilt is marked ORD., JM, and HKC inspector*s marks.   25" long.   The leather scabbard with brass fittings.    The guard stamped "U.S." on one side and "Srgt. 1 2", and "8" and "Rgt" on the guard's ends.   Eagle crested pommel
735 An English bayonet in brass-tipped leather scabbard, various armourer's marks to bayonet, c.1830
736 An English bayonet in brass-tipped leather scabbard, various armourer's marks to bayonet, c.1830
737 A French bayonet with trifoil blade with stainless steel handle and scabbard
738 A Persian dagger with sheath, possibly 19th century
739 A naval short cutlass with serrated blade and brass handle.   Maker:   W. K. & Company
740 A German officer's artillery sabre, c.1910
741 A Prussian dress sword
742 A bayonet for a small bore rifle, in metal scabbard
743 A World War I bayonet in metal scabbard, armourer's marks probably British
744 A Ross Rifle bayonet in leather scabbard, c.1910
745 A brass-handled bayonet, French, dated 1874 on blade, with chromed scabbard
746 A Knights of Pythias ceremonial sword, scabbard with belt and shoulder strap
747 A machete with bone handle, leather scabbard and original paper label
748 A swordfish sword
749 An oriental blade with later wooden handle, possibly Korean
750 A World War I vintage print
751 A set of three decorative wall plaques showing various 19th century military officers
752 Three Art Deco American Beauty blue glass mirrors by Louis Bierfeld Company
753 A ship's wheel, c.1890
754 A Newfoundland carpenter's box in original paint
755 A Titus Smith school sign
756 A rope bucket, c.1910
757 A horse weathervane, c.1946
758 A folk art chair with stylized leaf handles, applied bosses, French Shore, N.B., c.1900
759 An IOOF photo of Lawlor's Island, Halifax, August 1894
760 "The Ocean Limited", a CNR coloured photograph at the Morrisey Rock Tunnel, N.B.
761 Two Nova Scotia souvenir plates, c.1920
762 A first aid box, possibly World War I, complete with original contents
763 A one drawer wall box, c.1860
764 An early mixing bowl
765 A French Empire style sleigh bed with shaped headboard and footboard, c.1900
766 A three-board harvest table on X-frame stretcher base, c.1900
767 A late 19th/early 20th century butter bowl
768 A grain painted wardrobe, c.1890
769 "Autumn Woods" by Tom MacKay, signed and dated 1993, oil on canvas, 16" x 20"
770 A W.M. Bellman & Company three-quarter bed with three-quarter custom made mattress, c.1900
771 Lot to appear.
772 A balance beam scale with glass case housing
773 Lot to appear.
774 Lot to appear.
775 An Acadian primitive armchair. Late 18th, early 19th century. PHOTO



1. No buyer's premium charged on goods purchased.

2. Crowther & Brayley Ltd. will accept and execute left bids on your behalf.

3. All items to be paid for on the day of sale.

4. Payment may be made by cheque, money order or cash. Visa and Mastercard are also accepted and are subject to a 2.25% premium.

5. All transactions are made in Canadian dollars at prevailing foreign exchange rates.

6. Crowther & Brayley Ltd. reserves the right to hold any lot until such time as business or personal cheques clear its bank account.

7. This catalogue serves only to describe the items for sale and does not carry any warranties.

8. Buyers must satisfy themselves as to the condition and quality of the items they intend to bid on or buy.

9. As much as possible, Crowther & Brayley Ltd. will point out damage where evident. However, it is incumbent upon buyers to establish for themselves the condition of the item which they intend to bid on or buy.

10. For the purposes of this catalogue 'circa' means plus or minus 10 years of the date indicated.

11. Shipping to all points is available. Shipping from Nova Scotia can be more expensive than shipping within the United States.

12. Effective November 15th, 2000 it is the policy of Crowther & Brayley Ltd. not to offer any item containing ivory or other related materials unless it is more than 50 years old.

Note: Citizens of the United States and other out of country individuals should be aware of the laws governing the importation of ivory, marine mammal, reptile and bird products into their own country. Crowther & Brayley Ltd. strongly recommends that items containing these materials, regardless of age, not be purchased if the buyer's intention is to import them into the United States or elsewhere. This applies particularly to sea mammal ivory and African and Indian elephant ivory. Please consult your local authorities for futher information and consultation.

See Day 2 Photo Addendum added July 27, 2004


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