Day 2 Catalogue

Saturday & Sunday, August 2nd & 3rd, 2003:
Chester Arena, Pigs loop Road, Chester, NS.
The catalogue will be updated as new items become available.

Eleanor Pew Morris Memorial Rink, Pig Loop Rd. Chester, Nova Scoti. Office phone number: 902-423-3226

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350 A miniature Chippendale-style tilt top tea table
351 An early Macaskill sepia photograph of Peggy's Cove
352 A 19th century bell-form butter press with carved thistle motif
353 A 19th century bell-form butter press with carved wheatsheaf motif
354 An Improved Butter Color box with miscellaneous butter presses
355 A pair of German papier mache toy horses c1890
356 An inlaid mahogany side table, c.1890
357 A birds eye maple spool-bobbin stand as a rocking chair c1910
358 A wicker doll's carriage with large metal wheels, c.1870. Provenance: Vera MacDonald House, Mahone Bay
359 A composition bisque doll, c.1880
360 A mahogany two drawer stand, c.1820
361 A Peabody Guaranteed overalls cloth doll
362 A pine two drawer stand on ring turned legs with ball feet, c.1840 PHOTO
363 A netsuke, late 19th century/early 20th century, Japanese, rats on a log
364 A collection of miniature braided mats, c.1910
365 A Victorian lady's chair with grape carved back, c.1850
366 A Victorian gentleman's chair with grape carved back, c.1850
367 A Victorian sofa with grape carved back, c.1860
368 A Victorian whatnot stand, c.1870
368 a An A.J. Fulton, Glasgow, one pull telescope engraved Charles Tooker Yarmouth. 19th century
369 A good ship's mast lantern mounted as a table lamp, the shade as a sea chart c1900
370 A painted corner stand with shaped center leg and moulded gallery, c.1860. Jemseg area of New Brunswick, 34" high, 18" radius
371 A netsuke, late 19th century/early 20th century, Japanese, coiled serpent
372 A netsuke, late 19th century/early 20th century, Japanese, mythical beast
373 A 1903 S American five dollar gold coin
374 An Imari pattern plate, Japanese, c.1890
375 A set of blacksmith's bellows, c.1800, branded with British Crown and maker's name Gill; on a coffee table base
376 A netsuke, late 19th century/early 20th century, Japanese, man with large fish
377 A netsuke, late 19th century/early 20th century, Japanese, seated horse
378 An Alfred Meakins Belmont pattern flow blue chamber pot
379 A Dr. Daniel's Patent medicine cabinet
380 A mid-19th century spooled rocking cradle
381 A good 19th century sea chest with dovetailed, canted sides and great becketts
382 A brass mounted ship's wheel, c.1890
383 A Murano glass figure of a Southern belle, 10" high
383a A large Moorcroft bowl, rim restoration 14" dia
384 A Moorcroft Pottery vase, approx 3" high
385 A Victorian footstool with needlepoint cover
386 An oak gentleman's chair with original leather upholstery, c.1890
387 "Surf at Peggy's Cove" by Macaskill, a tinted photograph
388 "Morning Along the Waterfront" by MacAskill, an early black and white photograph
389 "Drying Sail" by MacAskill, an early black and white photograph
390 An Arts & Crafts footstool, c.1910
391 An oak dresser with swing mirror, leaf carved decoration, c.1890
392 Sea Chart From The Atlantic Neptune by Joseph Frederick Wallet Des Barres 1778. [Chart titled] Bay of Seven Islands. Published according to Act of Parliament Jan. the 21st. 1778 by J. F. W. Des Barres Esq'r."
393 A Victorian side chair with fitted slip seat, c.1880
394 A Noah's Ark with a variety of animals, late 19th century, length 34 " PHOTO
395 Four miscellaneous early 19th century side chairs
396 An enameled cranberry water pitcher with applied handle, deep pontil mark, 9" high, 5" diameter at widest
397 An Arts & Crafts Tudric pewter four piece tea set including a three piece tea set # 01537 and circular tray # 01213
398 A Bretby Arts and Crafts vase decorated with flowers
399 A Clarice Cliff Bizzare ware jug, two base chips
400 An oak Art Deco style sideboard
401 A Susie Cooper lidded china tea pot
402 A Susie Cooper china charger
403 A Susie Cooper lidded china vegetable bowl
404 A one gal. crock with an eagle crest incuse on the shoulder
405 Six tall wire-frame ice cream parlour stools, c.1905
406 An aneroid barometer in carved oak case, c.1880.
407 A set of four various carved wooden sugar moulds including a heart, hatchet, fish and bear, 19th century
408 A brass Chinese footed bowl, c.1890
409 An Arts &Crafts brass gourd, c.1910
410 A Queen Anne style armchair with blue button back upholstery
411 An oak side by side secretary-bookcase, c.1900
412 A mahogany coal scuttle with burl walnut inlaid panel and Art Nouveau brass handle, together with it's original wood handle and scoop c1890
413 A maple mortar and pestle Canadian, c.1840
414 A Nova Scotia Windsor side chair c 1840
415 An Electric Neon Clock Co.(Cleveland) wall clock, serial number 61416. 24 " diam. plus top PHOTO
416 A Kolken barber chair with cast iron footrest, c.1915
417 A copper Arts and Crafts bowl on pediment, c.1910
418 A bentwood, bound, firkin with lid c.1860
419 A half hull of a steam yacht complete with cabin and masts, c.1890
420 A four drawer pine chest with carved nut pulls, c.1860
421 A pine sea chest, c.1840
422 A whale's tooth set in a silver cap c 1860
423 A Nova Scotia pine drop-leaf harvest table, 66" long
424 "Before and After The Hunt", a double framed print by Cecil Aldin in an oak frame
425 A Vilas Colonial style maple pedestal desk
426 A carved ivory tusk
427 "Muskox Horn Bird" by Billy Ruben with original Inuit Art label
428 A Nova Scotia hooked mat in oriental rug pattern
429 "Rocks" by L Scott Croft, signed watercolour on paper, 22" x 15"
430 A Canadian wing chair frame, c.1820
431 A Nova Scotia hooked rug, c.1930, geometric block pattern. 31" x 59"
432 A Nova Scotia hooked rug, floral pattern, c.1930. 31 1/2" x 61"
433 A Nova Scotia floral pattern hooked mat, c.1920. 25" x 49"
434 A Nova Scotia IODE hooked mat, c.1920
435 A mahogany three tier brass frame cake stand, c.1860
436 A 19th century firkin in old blue paint
437 A 19th century butter churn in old blue paint, complete with cover and churn
438 A pair of miniature snowshoes, c.1920
439 A Genuine Trapper Point blanket with 3 1/2 pelt stripes
440 A Victorian side chair with a fitted upholstered seat, c.1840
441 An 19th century Chinese celadon jade belt buckle
442 An 19th century Chinese carved figurine in brown celadon jade
443 A pair of carved ivory Chinese mask cuff links
444 "Cottage in Moonlight", oil on canvas, 16" x 24"
445 A set of five chairs with carved rose backs, c.1860
446 A 19th century Halifax sampler by Mary Margret Hodgers, 18" x 19"
447 A 19th century sampler, 9" x 10"
448 Marion Hiltons sampler, an 18th century sampler dated 1777
449 A four pull telescope in a leather case by Stanley, London
450 A pair of mahogany French empire style side stands with ball and talon feet, the tops with pierced floral borders, vintage
451 A hooked mat in geometric cross pattern
452 A steeple clock, c.1850
453 A Victorian wardrobe, c.1890
454 A Shelburne County miniature parlour table with candle wax inlay and carved based, c.1860
455 An Empire period footstool in birch
456 An Aesthetic Movement firescreen, the panel painted one side as a girl in summer, the other a girl in winter, c.1885
457 A 19th century octagonal gameboard in original paint originally from a tilt top games table, c.1860
458 A band box, the top with finger painted eagle, the sides in floral motif, late 19th century
459 A barber's circular mirror and frame with carved mythical beast pediment and two drawer counter stand in oak and faux oak finish, c.1890 PHOTO
460 A barber's circular mirror and frame with carved mythical beast pediment and two drawer counter stand in oak and faux oak finish, c.1890 PHOTO
461 A china platter with feathered edge border, c.1820
462 An L. Farrar open mouth 2 gal crock with cobalt blue painted flowers
463 A Turkish carpet, c.1880
464 A Caucasian carpet, dated
465 An oak Arts & Crafts sideboard
466 A japanned turtle topped table
467 An Aesthetic Movement mantelpiece in gilt gesso, c.1885
468 A six piece Oriental motif pitcher and basin set, c.1880
469 A German figural bust of a young girl, c.1890
470 A vintage harp base mahogany games table.
471 "Flying Figure" by Tom Hopkins, a limited edition print # 9/10, signed Hopkins 64 13" x 21"
472 The Willis World Clock in rosewood case
473 A pair of brass candlesticks with reeded tapered columns and push ups, c.1830
474 A gilt framed federal mirror
475 A Colchester County three drawer pine chest, c.1820
476 A folk art cupboard door, the center paneled as a cross. Provenance: originally purchased at a 1970's Chris Huntington auction
477 An oil lamp with milk glass base, the font decorated with harps
478 A 19th century pottery lion's form jelly mould
479 A 19th century pottery fish form jelly mould
480 A late Victorian side table with leaf decorated trestle base
481 The actor Iwai Kume Saburo as a character in a Kabuki drama, a 19th century Japanese wood block print of Saburo with a mythical beast
482 Character in a Kabuki drama, a 19th century Japanese wood block print
483 A 19th century bronzed pot, Japan, c.1890
484 A reverse painting on glass of a Japanese village and lake, diorama view, c.1900
485 A large mid-19th century spinning wheel
486 A wooden spoon and knife tray, c.1880
487 A 19th century child's miniature silk and kid leather rocking horse
488 A wooden shipping box top carved Mr. Wiswell Passenger S/S Columbia Halifax 22 "x 32"
489 A 19th century pocket watch, the silver face engraved with sailboats in an 18kt gold half hunter case
490 A Chippendale style wing chair, the legs carved with leaves, on ball and talon feet, c.1900
491 A pair of cold painted spelter figures of harvesters by Moreau
492 A Deichman pottery bowl, 7" diam
493 A Deichman pottery bowl, 4" high
494 A Staffordshire blue and white vegetable bowl, English
495 A late 19th century chest with swing mirror
496 A fourteen piece buttons and bows table set with amber ribbing, including comport, cake plate, creamer and sugar
497 An Arts & Crafts sterling silver card tray, California
498 A pair of bright cut sterling silver sugar tongs, signed Munro
499 A wall clock regulator in painted pine case inlaid with mother of pearl, c.1860
500 An E.B Mahoney Boston Patent folding chair with label, patent date July 19, 1876
501 An oriental prayer rug with four mirhabs, c.1930
502 An oriental rug, the beige field decorated with stylized urns and flowers, c.1915
503 An oriental rug, the brick red field with three diamond medallions surrounded by stylized animals and insects, c.1930
504 An ancient bronze mortar and pestle, the body cast with womens' faces in relief
505 A Lunenburg County folk art corner stand with fan decorated gallery and carved shelf fronts, c.1870
506 A standing watch case, with eagle pediment, containing a Waltham watch, c.1890
506a A good shipwright's wall mounted mahogany tool case fitted with various drawers, showing a variety of different dovetailing techniques, tool racks and doors decorated in a leaf and scroll technique, c.1880
507 A key wind English railway pocket watch signed Walker Princess, Leicester Square, Cornhill London , engraved 31 on watch case back
508 A pair of Miller brass ship's oil lamps in gimballed fixtures, c.1890
509 A pair of ships' prints, the Shannon and the Chesapeake, 19th century prints of the War of 1812, c.1840
510 A mahogany ship's secretary-chest, c.1890
511 An 18th century Portuguese print portraying a period cod salting plant, 8" x 10"
512 A good ship's wheel inlaid with brass and mounted with a brass suicide handle, c.1890
513 A green glass bottle with applied lip and pontil mark, c.1800, 18" high
514 A marquetry wood panel of flowers and vases
515 A late 19th century London Manufacturing roll top desk, c.1880
516 William Temple. The Works of Sir William Temple, Bar. In Two Volumes. To which is prefixed, The Life and Character of Sir William Temple. Written by a particular friend. Printed for J. Round, R. Gosling, etc. London 1740. Bound in original full brown calf and spine repaired with brown felt. Beautiful engraved frontispeice of Sir William Temple in Volume I.
517 An Art Nouveau aurene glass bowl, unsigned, 6 1/2" diam.
518 The Maze, a Hortons Patent glass inkwell with aperture opening, c.1860
519 Two 19th century pressed glass whale oil lamps
520 An oak Arts & Crafts style bench with rope turned legs
521 An early 19th century scoop dust pan in old paint, c.1840
522 A 19th century sleigh in old paint with bentwood iron clad runners
523 An oil lamp with milk glass base, 19th century
524 An oil lamp with milk glass base, 19th century
525 A single brass bed, c.1890
526 A netsuke, late 19th century/early 20th century, Japanese, horse with ring
527 A netsuke, late 19th century/early 20th century, Japanese, woman in pot
528 A netsuke, late 19th century/early 20th century, Japanese, two faced man
529 "The Pusher" by Gordon Roach, signed, dated 1972, acrylic on board, 28" x 32"
530 A Nova Scotia pine chest, overpainted
531 "The Dance" by John Cook, signed on reverse, oil on board, 12" x 16"
532 A Biblia Hebraica second edition, 1839
533 A netsuke, late 19th century/early 20th century, Japanese, man with piercing eyes
534 A netsuke, late 19th century/early 20th century, Japanese, coiled dragon
535 A pine cabinet, c.1820 PHOTO
536 A goose decoy, the base signed P.C., 22" long
537 A goose decoy, probably P.E.I.
538 A goose decoy on tripod spike base, late 19th or early 20th century
539 An early 20th century Brant duck decoy
540 A pair of Bowmanville side chairs
541 A black duck decoy, c.1920
542 A papoose cradle
543 A merganser decoy by Len Drysdale, Barachois, N.B. '88
544 "Eagle Hawk" by Cyril Assiniboine, signed, watercolour and chalk, 9 1/2" x 13 1/2"
545 A mohair bear, played with condition 19" c 1915
546 A miniature Stieff bear and a miniature blue mohair bear, 7" long
547 A mohair bear, 11 1/2" long, worn
548 A bear, 19" long
548a A bear, 18 1/2" long
548b A Merry Thoughts bear retaining original labels
548c A small brown bear, c.1915
549 "Roadside" by Arthur Lloy, signed, oil on board, dated May 27/62, 10" x 12"
550 Pine slant top desk, c.1860
551 "Profpect Der Quebec",c.1760, a town plan of Quebec City and description (German) of the Battle at the Plains of Abraham. 9 1/2" x 12 1/2"
552 A Keuffel & Esser Co. transit
553 A Tamaya & Co sextant in oak case
554 Map of Annapolis Royal 1756 by Bellin. Bellin-Arkstee & Merkus. Grundriss Von Port Royal in Accadiavon den Englandern-1744. From Allgemeine historie der reisen zu Wasser und zu Lande. Leipzeig. 1756. 19.2 x 28cm. Black and White. [Kershaw # 770]. Annapolis Basin and River showing tributaries and "Le Fort Royal" (Annapolis Royal) Engraved outside border, top right, is "No. 12". In antique brown wooden box frame with mat & glass. In very good condition.
555 An Edwardian plant stand
556 A foil and reverse glass painted picture of two birds in a wreath, c.1840
557 A cast iron covered kettle, c.1840
558 A lady's 19th century desk with four drawer gallery
559 "Blue Lake" by Rosalie Bishop, signed, oil on board, 9" x 11"
560 An oak bedstead with leaf carved headboard, c.1890
561 A pine commode stand, 19th century
562 A lady's 19th century silver stirrup, probably South American
563 A bronze figure of a coiled dragon as an incense burner, c.1890
564 A covered bean crock
565 A rose carved back settee, c.1860
566 "Merry Christmas John", a chalk drawing of apples signed by Rosalie Bishop, dated 1968, 6" x 8"
567 A netsuke, late 19th century/early 20th century, Japanese, a mythical beast
568 A netsuke, late 19th century/early 20th century, Japanese, holding dove and fish
569 A folk art sketch of blueberry pickers by a black Nova Scotia artist
570 An oak one drawer dressing table with mirror
571 A netsuke, late 19th century/early 20th century, Japanese, crab on mollusc
572 A Diamond Dye cabinet with partially fitted interior
573 Oxen pulling a sleigh in a village by Maud Lewis, signed, oil on board PHOTO
574 Horses pulling a sleigh with barrels by Maud Lewis, signed, oil on board PHOTO
575 Oxen with pumpkin cart by Maud Lewis, signed, oil on board PHOTO
576 A set of three commemorative Edward VII silk textiles
577 Horsedrawn sleighs and a covered Bridge by Maud Lewis, signed Maud Lewis, oil on board, 12" x 15 3/4"
578 Bluenose Ferry passing lighthouse by Maud Lewis, signed Lewis, oil on board, 11 1/2" x 14 in. Provenance: painted by Maud for the consignor
579 Birds in a flowery tree by Maud Lewis, signed Maud Lewis, oil on green beaver board, 12" x 10 1/2". Provenance: painted by Maud for the consignor
580 Six oak dining chairs, c.1900
581 A folk art decorated ewer
582 A Chinese lacquered jewelry box, c.1890
583 A brass bell and hanging frame
584 Over 110 19th century prints and engravings. Various subjects including coloured bird, animals, prints, well-known people, “Men of Progress American Inventors”, Crystal Palace, map of the Battle of Sebastopol, “Fire in Japan”, “Gen. U.S. Grant & Family”, “Decisive Charge of the Life Guards at Waterloo”, nautical, “Whalers”, “The United Staes Iron-Clad ‘Passaic’ and ‘Novgorod’, “The Foreign Men-of-War in Our Harbour” science and technology, “The Manner of Making Tin Plates”, etc, etc. Sizes range from 4.74" by 4.50" to 22.25" by 27.5".
585 A mid-Victorian mahogany dining table, c.1850
586 Earl Bailly, His Trials and Triumphs, a signed first edition book and a 1931 wood cut Christmas card
587 A multi-coloured dyed bone Inuit game set, early 19th century
588 A tin horse weathervane, early 20th century
589 An oak Arts & Crafts coat stand and rack
590 Old butchers block - 24" x 24" x 28" high. Great patina and wear of top surface. Label: "Butchers Chopping Blocks which are made for chopping purposes, are subject to abuses and neglect on which the manufacturer has no control therefore no guarantee of any kind is expressed or implied. Appleton Wood Products Co., Appleton, Wisconsin"
591 A netsuke, late 19th century/early 20th century, Japanese, dog with ball
592 A netsuke, late 19th century/early 20th century, mythical bird
593 A copper kettle, c.1840
594 A netsuke, late 19th century/early 20th century, large mythical best
595 A netsuke, late 19th century/early 20th century, tiger
596 An eight piece miniature cast iron doll's furniture set, c.1890
597 A child's doll set, c.1890, including 2 chairs, rocking chairs, two small tables, chaise longues, large bureau, mid size bureau and two small dressers, one with mirror
598 A netsuke, late 19th century/early 20th century, dog with ball
599 A netsuke, late 19th century/early 20th century, man with salamander
600 Four wire frame ice cream parlour chairs and a matching table, c.1905
601 Four wire frame ice cream parlour chairs and a matching table, c.1905
602 Four wire frame ice cream parlour chairs and a matching table, c.1905
603 Four wire frame ice cream parlour chairs and a matching table, c.1905
604 Four wire frame ice cream parlour chairs and a matching table, c.1905
605 A W.W. Greener double barrel English patent shot gun, engraved W.W. Greener, the Blue Fast Wedge, various armourer's marks, with thumb piece safety switch, in a fitted leather case, serial number 41184 as marked on barrels, trigger guard, list 68. c.1890
606 A Fox Gun Co. double barrel shotgun with a Sterlingworth fluid compressed steel barrel, serial number 253826
607 An oriental runner, c.1910
608 An India pattern Tower musket the stock engraved LM 17B No .914 for the Lunenburg Militia, c.1810, together with original bayonet
609 "Numida Pucherani", a 19th century ornithological print by Wolf & Smit
609a An Old Sheffield Plate waiter engraved with a military crest of arms, c.1820, 8" diam.
610 A Victorian mahogany side table
611 A Pattern 1885 British Cavalry sword with Pattern 1885 Mark 1 scabbard
612 A Hardy Palonka Gold Medal three piece 9' split bamboo fishing rod with spare tip, in original case with original labels
613 A carved carousel horse on metal stand
614 A marquetry panel of a floral bouquet
615 A painted pine cottage chest, c.1840
616 A rosewood sewing box with secret side drawer, c.1850
617 A pair of primitive tool boxes, c.1890
618 A late 19th century Chinese birdcage decorated with various soapstone carved items
619 A late 19th century Chinese birdcage decorated with various soapstone carved items
620 A pine trestle table, c.1830
621 A golden eye decoy, c.1920
622 A golden eye decoy, c.1920
623 A broadbill bill decoy, c.1920
624 A decoy, c.1920
625 A pine drop leaf table, c.1850
626 "Autumn Forest" by Sadler, signed, oil on board, 10" x 14"
627 Two yellow leg, shore bird decoys
628 A Schooner hollow hull, c.1890, 58" long
629 A rare Nova Scotia redware pot with four handles, black glaze, c.1840
630 A late 19th century four drawer table with trestle base, 144" long, 29" wide, 33" high
631 A Nova Scotia pine cabinet on one cupboard base, c.1845
632 A horse drawn cart, the photo-lithographed horse with mechanized legs, the cart filled with child's blocks, c.1900
633 A Nova Scotia hooked mat, the Jubilee 1910-1935
634 A Nova Scotia hooked mat with Union Jack
635 A three drawer mahogany chest with a swing mirror mounted on two banks of glove drawers, c.1890
636 A British Jaeger Pure Wool Shop enamelled hanging sign, c.1920
637 Miscellaneous Cheticamp small textiles
638 Miscellaneous Cheticamp small textiles including a cabin in winter scene
639 A Quaker ladder back rocking chair, the back of the top rail branded 7
640 An oak frame and glass retail display cabinet, c.1890
641 A MiK'Maq quill work basket, c.1890
642 Three hand woven rugs, possibly Scandinavian
643 A quantity of ephemera related to Lunenburg captain R.N Anderson and the schooner Arctic, misc. trade papers, logs, schooner purchase paper, c.1900
644 A pair of hurricane shades etched with grape and vine leaf motif, 15 "
645 An open arm chair with ball and claw foot
646 A pair of Aesthetic Movement glass vases painted with birds, c.1880
647 A pair of pot lids, Robert Peel and Prince Albert, c.1845
648 Two miniature clothes pin barrels, one with standard size pins, the other in miniature form, c.1900
649 A beaded foot Victorian foot stool, c.1850
650 An oak bureau with leaded glass door on cabinet, c.1920
651 A beaded Victorian foot stool, c.1850
652 A Canadian National Steamships silver plate ice bucket by Elkington
653 A beaded wall pocket dated 1917, and a beaded shield shaped pin cushion
654 A Kosta vase engraved with a clown, signed Lindstrand
655 Lot to appear
656 1. The Popular Encyclopedia; or, Conversations Lexicon. Being a General Dictionary of Arts, Sciences, Literature, Biography, and History. New Edition with Numerous Illustrations. Published by Blackie & Son (ca. 1880). Complete in 14 vols.; Tall 8 Vols. Blue pictorial cloth bindings with gilt to spine and front cover. Contains 190 steel-engraved plates (some fold out), and 17 coloured maps by John Bartholomew (double-page.). Some wood-engravings in the text. Binding a bit worn on extremities otherwise very good condition. Plates include: diving, plates on weaving, printing press, cotton spinning, birds, machinery, etc., etc. In original 19th century wooden box with one leather strap.
657 A crystal chandelier, c.1930
658 A pair of cranberry glass decanters with stoppers, some enamelling, c.1860
659 A walnut dome-top box with brass strapwork, c.1880
660 An oak grocery counter with various Morse Tea and other labels, c.1900
661 A three tier engraved glass centrepiece, c,1840
662 A silver plate epergne, c.1860, repair to one branch
663 A Bohemian cut glass vase with flared lip, c.1880
664 Shangai factory carved jade grouping of mountain goats on a hillside
665 Lot to appear
666 A Bristol cane salmon rod
667 A fisherman's creel with leather binding, c.1920
668 A fisherman's caned creel, c.1920
669 A Diamond Dye cabinet with partially fitted interior
670 Lot to appear
671 A crooked knife
672 Three Johnson outboard motors advertising boards compliments of Atkinson & Bower, Shelburne Mallard, a baldpate and redheaded ducks
673 Two 19th century tin candle molds, one a triple with finger ring, the other, a double with frilled top
674 Wagon with roadside travellers, oil on canvas, 14" x 19"
675 A child's sleigh in old paint, c.1900
676 Four Early Etchings. A portfolio of four etchings titled Etchings Winter Scenes. Published by Frederick A. Stokes & Brother, New York, 1888. The four etchings are A Morning Walk. Original etching by Hamilton Hamilton. A Winter Day, Windsor, N.S. Original etching by Stephen Parrish. Ca Pince. Etched by J.J. Calahan, after Bellecour. Christmas Eve. Original etching by W.H. Shelton. All etchings are done on the usual thin paper with a card mat, they measure from 6.5" x 8.5" to 9" x 11". They are all in very good condition, in the original card covers with silk ties with the original title-page.
677 A Wheeler & Co , Boston Mass crock with blue floral decoration
678 Rev. Mr. Thomas Stackhouse. A New History of the Bible, From the Beginning of the World, to the Establishment of Christianity. . . The Whole Illustrated with Proper Maps and Sculptures. Full-Leather, Folio, over 12" - 15" tall. Two Volumes. London, 1733. Printed for the author and sold by T. Payne, at the Crown in Pater-Noster-Row, and the booksellers in Town and Country. Full contemp calf, rubbed chipped and bruised with corners heavily bumped and fraying, large chips on spines, hinges split but boards not detached. With 4 wonderful maps and 24 engraved plates [one folding] with engraved headings to chapters.
679 A primitive basket covered in sail cloth
680 A fully rigged schooner model
681 Lot to appear
682 Lot to appear
683 Lot to appear
684 Lot to appear
685 Lot to appear
686 Lot to appear
687 Lot to appear
688 (Two Early Newspapers) United Service Gazette, and Naval and Military Chronicle. Printed and Published on Saturday by Alaric A. Watts, London. One complete year from January 5th, 1839 to December 28th, 1939. Number 312 to Number 364 [52 issues] 416 pages [8 pages per issue]. Bound in one folio volume [13 inches by 18 inches]. One page missing and binding broken otherwise in very good condition. [With] JOHN BULL “For God, The King, And The People”. Volume VI. From January 1, 1826, to December 31, 1826 [complete year] No. 264 to 315, [51 issues] 434 pages bound in one folio volume [11 inches by 16 inches]. Outer hinge crack otherwise in very good condition.
689 Lot to appear
690 Lot to appear
691 Lot to appear
692 Lot to appear
693 Lot to appear
694 Lot to appear
695 Lot to appear
696 Lot to appear
697 Lot to appear
698 Lot to appear
699 Lot to appear
700 Lot to appear

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